Trying to keep up

Just a few more Christmas cards from last year that I totally forgot I had! I actually have enough left over from last year that I really don't need to make any more for this year, but I want to anyway. I have new stamps for this year and am bound and determined to use them!

Now, to get Miss Kitty off of my stamping table....

She is a sweet kitty and like most kitties, feels the need to put herself in the way of most anything. We love the kitty, though. She is more my husband's kitty than mine - she comes running when she hears him come in the back door.

And speaking of kitties, is this not the cutest kitty you have ever seen??

This is Simon - our other kitty. He is the perfect lap cat (when he's not getting into trouble) and loves to be held and snuggled, unlike some *other* kitty we know.....uh huh, Miss Kitty is not a snuggler at all. Simon is my sweetie cat.

Ok, enough mushy cat stuff...on to making some cards while I wait for the DirectTV guy to bring our new HD receiver so we can get the most out of our new HDTV! CSI in HD - woohoo!!!


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