Some things I miss

Who is this handsome devil and why does he look so crazed? Well, this is my darling son, Geoffrey, who just turned 25 years old last Friday (everyone say Happy Birthday, Geoffrey!). The reason for the manic look in his eyes is that he is taunting his mama with Publix Peppermint Ice Cream, which I cannot get here in NC!!! Yes, there are no Publix stores here and no good peppermint ice cream at all. I did find it once at Ingles in Asheville, but not over here. Edy's makes some but it is not the same at all. I miss them both - him and the ice cream (yes, I miss him more!) He is in St. Petersburg, Florida and works as a graphic designer/web programmer and is awesome! I love you, sweetie!

I did get the last of my Christmas cards finished up today and will post photos tomorrow. Well, they are mostly done - I still have to stamp and emboss the verse on the inside and then sign and address them all, of course. That's the part I like the least. It has to be done, though, right?

I'm off to watch Criminal Minds and CSI . Geoffrey - WE have DirectTV - HA!! His cable hasn't been installed yet and these are 2 of his favorite shows. Payback for the evil peppermint ice cream photo :-)

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  1. Yeah yeah, you and your fancy satellite tee-vee and your internets. Must be nice ;)


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