It would seem that I have been tagged by Laura (Stampmouse) and I have to reveal 7 interesting (hopefully) things about myself. Hmmmm. Ok, here goes:

1. I can pick up small things with my toes. I can even write fairly legibly with them. Odd, I know.
2. I can write backwards (too much time in high school spent not paying attention).
3. I am a native Floridian - Minorcan, actually - born and raised in St. Augustine. Salt water in my veins. I've been up here for almost 4 years and really love it, but St. A will always be home.
4. I love to swim in the ocean but won't get in a lake. Grass, frogs, snakes, whoknowswhat is in there!
5. I am terrified of the dark, we have night lights all over the house and candles for when the power goes out. I hope I never go blind.
6. I can do different vocal accents - New Yahk, New Joisey, Bahston, Minnesewta, even a fairly good British accent, both upper class and Cockney.
7. I am totally lousy at history - and don't care!

There you have it. Not all that interesting, I'm sure, but hopefully entertaining. I am supposed to tag 7 others, but since it is the holidays and people are busy, plus so many have already been tagged I will just say Merry Christmas!

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  1. write with your toes huh?! lol


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