Rocky Mountain High...

No, not the card, my son...Geoffrey. He just moved to Denver to take a wonderful new job and this is the card I sent to him to let him know (one more time) how proud I am of him for undertaking such an adventurous move. He rented a house online, arranged all of the crap stuff that goes along with moving, and drove a U Haul with two cats and all of his worldly possessions from Tampa to Denver all by himself. How cool is that?? He is a web programmer, totally self taught, doing very well for himself these days and I am thrilled (did I mention proud??) ! He has always lived in apartments, but now he is in his first house so I thought this would be an appropriate card to send. Hard to believe that he is 25 AND halfway across the country now. Seems like just yesterday....ah, time flies, doesn't it?


It's not too girly, is it? I tried to keep it as un-foofy as possible. It is almost a total copy of one from the Hero Arts site and for some reason took me forEVER to get the roof right. Such a simple thing - or so it would seem.

I will be back soon with some more cards so please check back. And feel free to leave a comment and let me know you were here. All you have to do is click on Comments - it's easy :-)

Have a great week!


  1. Uh uh, it takes more than that, we have to type what we want to say too ;-)
    Lovely card to go with a lovely thought. In your profile picture, you look like you are 25, how could you have a 25yr old son? Congratulate him on his new house.

  2. I think this is a lovely card. Congrats to your son on his move and success to him.

  3. Great card, love all the color. Young and responsible? I'd say that's definitely a good reason to be proud! Your son will always remember your thoughtfulness and love when he sees/thinks about your cards. Well done!

  4. Hey Jackie!! I love the card and having two young men myself, it is not too foofy. Very manly and he will love it. Hope to see you soon. Mandy

  5. Wht a great card for a great reason! I love it. It hink the blues, browns and the style of the card make it a great card for him. Good luck to him in every way.

  6. I love the house- especially the roof!

    You have an adult son? You got married around age 6 right?


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