This is hilarious

If you need a good laugh - and who doesn't, right? - you have to go read this. A little warning...don't take a sip of your coffee/coke/water before reading it. Enjoy!

Coke Tsunami

When you have composed yourself again, come back and leave a comment on the blog candy post below so you can be entered to win.


One more post today

As I was attempting to design Valentine's Day cards, I remembered I had a Cuttlebug folder that I wanted to use. It's the small Love postage stamp folder & die that apparently came with the machine at one point. There was a set of four of them and I was able to find someone who would sell it to me, since it was only available with the purchase of the machine.

I wanted to see what else I could do with it other than just run it through and use it as is, so I tried several punches to punch out the center heart. The Marvy yellow scalloped heart worked best:

jan09 008

As you can see here, it isn't an exact match, but it's pretty close (and I am picky about that stuff!):

jan09 009

I punched it out of a different color and it layers onto the original one quite well, I think:

jan09 010

I have tried inking the design with an ink pad an I am not good at that at all, so this method works best for me if I want to highlight the main image of this folder, or use it without the rest of the folder altogether. I have not made a card with it - yet - but I will post one when I do. In the meantime, if any of you have this folder and do something cool with it, I'd love to see it.

If any stamp manufacturers are reading this blog (if only!) please think about making more stamps that coordinate with punches. PaperTrey's Valentine release, Heart Prints, will work with both the EK Success Whale of a Punch and the medium heart punch. I am NO good with scissors so I just don't cut out images if I can avoid it. Marvy and EK Success make some wonderful punches that can be used upside down very easily, I use them all the time. Even some clear stamps that work with the Nestabilities would be great. Gina K had an unmounted red rubber set a while back that worked well with the Marvy Scalloped and plain Clever Lever punches that came in quite handy. I can't be the only one out there that's a klutz with scissors!

Okay, enough for today, right? I don't post for weeks and then I post everything at once! As you were....I have to go watch the inaugural parade.

Congratulations, President Obama!

Well, it's official...President Barack Obama! Who'd have thunk?? For the first time in a long time I feel hopeful that we just might be able to turn things around. As I listened to his inaugural speech I was encouraged by his conviction, his eloquence and the way he included us all - We, the people! I know there are still many people that have a problem with an African American as President and it is my hope that they will keep an open mind and give him a chance. He's not going to sell us down the river. He's not going to turn our country over to Muslims. It's amazing the negativity and propaganda that circulates on the Internet - don't these people have better things to do???

I really believe he's going to do his level best to see that we ALL have a more stable economy, a sustainable peace in the world and within our own borders, and bring hope and prosperity back to this great nation of ours. Understand that it won't happen overnight, it's going to take time. He faces huge challenges and problems, but let's give him our support and ask ourselves what we can do to further the change that we so desperately need.

I know that some of you may not agree with me on this, and that's fine. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions, and it is not my intent to alienate anyone but to simply express my own feelings. I am looking forward to his term in office and am proud to be witness to such a historically significant event. Onward and upward!

I am honored...

To receive this lovely award from June Houck at Simply Elegant Papercrafts.


Proximity Award


"This award is given to a blog that invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!"

The rule of the award is to now pass it on to another 8 people who demonstrate this spirit. So, without further ado...

1. Joan B at Paperlicious

2. Allison at Stampin' When I Can

3. Pam at Airborne Wife's Stamping Spot

4. Becca at Amazing Paper Grace

5. Rebecca at Bella Carta

6. Ree at The Pioneer Woman

7. Chris at Mudmaven Designs

8. Pat at Rubber Maid

Take a moment and go visit them, I think you will be pleased at what you find there. Thank you again, June :-)


Yes, it's not much and I can hear you from up north snickering, but for us, it's a big deal. As I was editing the photos and putting them into a folder I noticed that we got snow last year on Jan. 17, and the year before on Feb. 1, so I guess this is our annual snowfall. I did get a few photos before the camera battery died. It's still coming down, but in little spurts.


The kitties aren't quite sure what this cold, wet stuff is. They have never seen snow before and they enjoyed it for a little while but they are all safe and warm back inside now. It's going to be a long day.


Lucille has snow on her bumper! The driveway looks a little icy but DH didn't have any trouble getting out this morning.


Brrr....it looks cold, and it IS! A nice day for staying snuggly warm inside, having some coffee and watching the inauguration. I hope you all are safe and warm on this cold winter day.


One more thing...

If you use the Firefox browser (the best browser ever!) and Google Reader to keep up to date on your blurfing, check this out - BetterGReader. It's an add-on for Firefox that lets you preview the blog post right in Google Reader - header, background and all - without having to click through to the blog itself. This is very useful for those blogs that don't provide full feeds of their posts. But the coolest things about it, IMHO, is that you can also COMMENT right there in Google Reader in Preview mode. How cool is that?? I know! I use it every day now, and am so glad to have found it (by way of Jay at Indigo Inklings, thanks, Jay!), it just makes my life easier and I may even become a better commenter. I'm a lurker, mostly.

Check it out - it's easy to install, it pretty much does it for you. It's also easy to use and I haven't found any bugs in it yet. Enjoy!

Enabler Alert!

Sizzix has some new textured embossing folders very similar to the Cuttlebug folders, except that they are larger and will cover the whole front of an A2 size card!!! Jay an Indigo Inklings has some photos of these cool new goodies on her site right here: Sizzix Textured Impressions. Check it you - I bet you will want them! I haven't seen them anywhere locally yet but Googled them and found them at a few online stores.