Yes, it's not much and I can hear you from up north snickering, but for us, it's a big deal. As I was editing the photos and putting them into a folder I noticed that we got snow last year on Jan. 17, and the year before on Feb. 1, so I guess this is our annual snowfall. I did get a few photos before the camera battery died. It's still coming down, but in little spurts.


The kitties aren't quite sure what this cold, wet stuff is. They have never seen snow before and they enjoyed it for a little while but they are all safe and warm back inside now. It's going to be a long day.


Lucille has snow on her bumper! The driveway looks a little icy but DH didn't have any trouble getting out this morning.


Brrr....it looks cold, and it IS! A nice day for staying snuggly warm inside, having some coffee and watching the inauguration. I hope you all are safe and warm on this cold winter day.


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  2. You got more snow in Concord than we did in Cornelius!

  3. It made me homesick. Ha! Loved it while it lasted.


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