I’m so excited!

Remember how much I love that Basic Grey Indian Summer paper, and how I thought it would look awesome as a handbag? Well, check this out! It’s not that paper exactly but it is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it in person. There’s a matching wallet, too – how cool is that? One of my FB friends and her daughter design and sew handbags, wallets, and lots of other goodies. Last night I was browsing their website and found this:


Isn’t it beautiful? It will be on the way to my house next week :-) It has 6 pockets on the inside, too. Handmade, quilted, quality, and a LOT less $$ than Vera Bradley. I’m taking my new Vera back to the store today. She didn’t have any of the wallets left but had some fabric and is making one for me.
Pop on over and have a look at their creations. The website is DCR Creations and they are very wonderful people to deal with.

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