Which of these things is most like the other…

Do you ever feel like your cards are like a romance novel that was written by one of those authors that cranks out 6 or 7 of them every year? You know the kind of novel I’m talking about. You feel like you’ve read it before, just the names and locations are different? You could have written it yourself because you’ve read five others by the same author and very little really changes. No? Well, I do. At least I feel that way about these cards.

It’s not that I don’t like them. I do. It’s just that they are very similar, very alike one another. It’s easy to tell that they all belong to the same family – the resemblance is uncanny! I liked the layout so I repeated it…over and over and over again. A little different bit of ribbon, red instead of brown, Stickles instead of gemstones, blah blah blah.

This is how the whole thing started. I was doing a demo at Stamper’s Alley last weekend, for Open House. I was demoing the Cuttlebug and Nestabilities and I needed a couple of samples.

Sample 1. The bow and gems in opposite corners was inspired by a card I saw online, probably on someone’s blog. I liked the way this one turned out.


Sample 2. So I made another one, just slightly different. Golden yellow instead of burnt orange and no gemstones. Oh, and different color ribbon – same style, just a different color.


The demo went well and I needed to make some Fall cards to send out since I don’t do Thanksgiving cards. I don’t know why I don’t do Thanksgiving cards. I just prefer plain ‘ol Happy Fall cards. Anyway, I thought of just making some more of these since I already had a lot of the stamped images cut and ready to go but then I decided to try something different.

Oh yeah, this is thinking way outside the box, right?


I liked that one so well….yep…you guessed it. Another one. Very similar but not exactly the same. More like a fraternal twin than an identical twin.

Nov09 037

I stamped a Memory Box tree and added some Fall foliage to it. Cut it out with a Nestie, sponged the edges, and colored some grass - to ground the tree. You can’t just have a tree floating in thin air!

Then I glanced over at the shelf where I keep my cards and saw the first two. Hmmmm.

Nov09 040

Lather, rinse, repeat. I was on a roll now.


You still with me? Tap, tap, is this thing on??

Nov09 042

The last one. Luckily for you I only stamped 4 trees.

Nov09 039

I still have all of these stamps laid out and ready to ink up. I may have enough cards to send, since I made some others a few weeks ago. But I need to use these stamps. Need to. Bought them, must use them.


You know what that means. And I know you can hardly wait to see what I come up with next! Tell the truth (but not if it’s gonna hurt my feelings). I have to be honest – any new cards will most likely involve that awesome Basic Grey Indian Summer paper. Maybe that’s why I feel the need to make more cards. It’s not the stamps, it’s that paper. I love it. I love looking at it. The colors are just beautiful. If it was fabric I’d make myself a new purse out of it and carry it all year. Ok, so I’d think about what a great purse it would make and see if I could bribe one of my talented friends to make it for me.

But it’s only paper so I will have to turn it into cards. I will try not to keep you waiting too long.


  1. All of them are fabulous Jackie!!

  2. I love them all. I like changing things around just a little and see what results that does... so I see no problem in what you did... love it matter of fact. can not wait to see what the new cards are like with "the paper"

  3. Jackie, they are all GORGEOUS!!!!! Seriously...I LOVE them all, and the BG paper is so rich looking, but you have accented it perfectly!!!

  4. I, too, love them all! Heck - you've found a formula that work, so run with it. I would. ;-)

  5. You did a fabulous job with that stunning Indian Summer paper! I have one piece of it and I keep staring at it. Don't want to cut into it! BUT,you have inspired me. I am going to make a card.......
    Thanks for sharing.
    (I am new to your blog)

  6. Each and every one of your creations are gorgeous. They make a wonderful set. I love sets.. nothing wrong with making sets! lol When you find a sketch that you adore or a paper or a stamp then use it up until you are ready to move on... NOTHING wrong with that!! And look at all these fabulous cards you have now!

  7. OMG you had me laughing right out loud reading this post. You are so funny (i.e. lather, rinse, repeat). I so love your self sense of humor. I know exactly what you mean because I am so much like you. My cards all have the same layout and I too stick to colors I like and papers I like. I think they call that our "style". I personally love your "style" and your wonderful cards in this post. Just to show you that we are so much alike, when my Mom was over looking at all of my stamp sets she said "Boy, you sure do have a lot of tree and leaf stamps!" LOL Your cards are gorgeous kiddo! Best, Curt

  8. this post has so much personality!! love it. nice to know i'm not the only one obsessed with basic grey's indian summer collection. these cards are amazing, and i personally love them all. could it be the great design? the super cute ribbon? the beautiful paper? or all of the above! tfs :)


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