A Little Reorganization

I spent a little quality time with my ribbon collection, winding it up to fit in the new containers. Well, as we all know, one thing leads to another and I ended up doing just a wee bit of reorganization to go along with my new ribbon storage solution.

What started out like this (and was a little more crowded because this is an old photo) -


ended up like this -



Of course, that isn’t all of my ribbon but it is a good portion of it. The only limitation I found to this system is that, depending on the thickness of the ribbon, you can only fit about 3 yards of ribbon in each slot. Since most of what is in here came on spools of more than 3 yards I stored the rest in a box in the closet. I did give away some of it to my daughter and her roommate, both of whom are card makers/crafters, so it went to a good home. I have sworn off buying any new ribbon until I have depleted a LOT of what I already have.

The racks, formerly known as ribbon racks, have a new purpose -


Big-honkin’-punch storage! Yes, I see that row of ribbon. Papertrey and Stampin’ Up ribbon, to be exact. I have more than 3 yards of each one and will put those into containers when I get them. Since they match card stock I wanted to keep them separate for now. I know, there’s more ribbon hanging there, too, but most of that is a yard or two here and there, and I didn’t want to take up valuable slots with so little yardage right now. Again, as I get more containers, I will revisit the hanging ribbons.

Since I was able to clear a few shelves by moving the big punches to a new home, my punch shelves got a little reorganization, too.


The overexposed shelf (forgot to turn off the light, duh!) are Martha Stewart punches. The baskets on the bottom shelf hold flowers – silk flowers, paper flowers, felt flowers….lots and lots of flowers. They used to live on a shelf over my workspace and it was getting a little overcrowded up there. It’s better now.


Jars of buttons and big background stamps now occupy the space. Do you think I have too many background stamps? No? Really?? Ok, good. Because I like background stamps and I’m going to keep them. I might even buy some more.

I didn’t do all of this all by myself, though. Oh, no! I had a helper…


That’s Michael. He is my sweetie cat. He is also known as the Chunky Monkey – he’s addicted to cat treats and it shows. He likes to come in here every so often and see what kind of trouble he can get into. This time he jumped up on to the shelf and crawled behind the drawer stacks, and I had to take the drawers out to get him out from behind them. The white IKEA drawers are deeper than the plastic ones on top, so there is a perfect little kitty hideaway back there. Or so he thought. Doesn’t he look like he’s found the perfect spot for a cat nap? I love the kittehs and he is my baby. He’s such a sweet kitty and a good snuggler, too.

That’s all I have for today, peeps. Thanks for checking in and feel free to leave a comment to let me know you were here, I really enjoy reading them.


Ribbon Organization

I probably should have said “Future Ribbon Organization”, since I only have one little roll of ribbon in here so far.


I found these at the convention last weekend. Inky Antics was selling them and ran out, they were so popular. I think Brenda may start carrying them at Stamper’s Alley, at least I hope so because I will need more. I bought 4 of them, which translates to 144 slots for ribbon. Actually it can hold more because there are separators that can be inserted between the ribbon rolls if you have narrower ribbon. They are not terribly expensive either. The started kit contains 5 ribbon containers, the tray to keep them in and the spooler and I think it’s $19.95. A package of 6 containers was $12.95.

I have a LOT of ribbon and need to get busy organizing it but I have been, as usual, procrastinating. I want to get an Etsy shop started, I need to put together a Hero Arts class, and make some cards and earrings for this not-yet-existent Etsy shop, and the list goes on. I will post more photos once I get it all together.

Anyway, here are some links if you want more info about the ribbon organization system:

Inky Antics

As I said, I think Brenda may be looking into getting them for Stamper’s Alley so if you are local, you might want to wait and see – no shipping charges!

I hope you are all staying cool on this sweltering summer day. If we had a pool that’s where I would be today.


The last one, I promise

I will move on to other things. These other things may still involve bright colors, felt, buttons and BoBunny paper……or not. I haven’t decided yet.


I used a different Papertrey die for the flower, same BoBunny paper and a Hero Arts sentiment and background.

We went to the StampScrapArtTour convention in Winston-Salem this past weekend and I found a wonderful new ribbon storage solution. I am waiting on my new camera to arrive and I will post photos for you. I have SO much ribbon and I know I will need more containers, but this will get me started. I may even have to purge some of this ribbon that I absolutely had to have. Maybe. Possibly. Wish me luck.


Hello again

I liked those cards so well I just couldn’t stop with two. Hero Arts stamps again, and the same BoBunny paper.


For this one I used the Hero Arts Distressed Stripes background stamp and made myself part with one of my crocheted flowers. Why do I feel the need to hold on to these? It’s not like I can’t make more if I want them. This paper is BoBunny, from the same Petal Pushers collection. The swirls are on one side of the paper and the yellow strip is on the other side.


I love BoBunny paper! It’s double sided and color coordinated, takes all of the guesswork out of matching papers. I think the ribbon might be May Arts but I really don’t remember.



The other day I was in the mood for some bright and cheerful cards and this is what I came up with. I love the Papertrey felt and when the Raspberry Fizz arrived I went to work die cutting some of it. It cuts like buttah! I’ve had this paper for a couple of weeks and was tempted to hoard it but decided to do something different this time and just cut it up.

These are very simple cards, quick to put together but have a big impact, I think. Very little stamping involved. The most difficult part was getting the ribbon threaded through the buttons. The sentiment is stamped on a Nestabilities die cut that I cut in half. Labels 4, maybe? I could make these all day. I used some felt glue to put the flowers together, I think it’s made by Beacon Adhesives.


Stamps – Hero Arts (Hello), Studio G (Just a Note)                   Paper – BoBunny Petal Pushers collection                          Accessories – Papertrey dies and felt (raspberry fizz), Yellow wool felt (an Etsy shop), Hero Arts buttons, May Arts ribbon, Corner Chomper, Nestabilities die

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that the weather is cooler where you are – it is wicked hot here! Is it September yet???



Same card, different colors. I liked that design so much I had to do it again….and again…one or two more times.

I chose a different color palette for these but still used the same image and basic layout. I also left off (quite my mistake) the twine bow and used a plain button and gems for the flower centers.



Also missing – again, by mistake – is the sponging on the edges of the image. I didn’t realize that until I had adhered it to the background paper. There was no pulling it up either, I use really sticky tape. This is a good thing until you make a mistake and want to un-adhere (a word?) something.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a wonderful day.



It was DH’s birthday last week and I needed to make a card. He’s not terribly fond of flowers, so I had to come up with something else. He doesn’t fish, hunt, or play golf or any other sport, unless decimating entire populations of virtual aliens is considered a sport. Even so, I don’t think they make a stamp for that!

What to do? He does like hot air balloons. Ah HA! Not so fast – I didn’t have the Papertrey Up & Away set (yet). Hmmmmm. I don’t really like digital stamps, but this was an emergency. I did a quick Google search for hot air balloons and digital stamps, and found some really pretty ones. Twelve of them and all free – right here. They are awesome. I downloaded them, resized and printed them, and remembered seeing a beautiful card made with the Papertrey balloons on Natasha’s blog. Since I had left it until the last minute, I didn’t have time to come up with another idea so I pretty much CASEd her card. Why reinvent the wheel, right?


He loved it! I loved it, too. The balloons are colored with Copics, of course. The clouds are made with the Papertrey die and some fleece that I found next to the craft felt at one of the big box stores. The dies didn’t cut all the way through the fleece like they do the felt but it was easy enough to trim them out.

I now have the Up & Away set but I do still love these balloons. Since they are digital they can be resized to fit any project. Check out Bird’s blog and snag some free digistamps for yourself. They will never take the place of real stamps for me, but they certainly do come in handy now and then.



Is that a word? Probably not. But that’s what I was doing when I made these cards. Ok, I think we call it CASEing – same thing :-)      I saw this card on the Hero Arts Flickr Group and it was love at first sight. I didn’t change the design much at all and made 2 with just slightly different colors. I like ‘em. I am proud of myself for stopping at two. I could have made dozens!

july2010 016

july2010 017

All stamps are Hero Arts. The flower and the flourish behind the sentiment are in the Speckled Ornaments clear set and the sentiment is from the Thinking of You Messages clear set.


As CAS as I can manage

There are a couple of blogs that I follow that feature CAS (Clean and Simple) card designs and try as I might I cannot be happy with too many of my attempts at CAS. I don’t know if it’s guilt over not using more of my embarrassing collection of supplies on a card, or if it doesn’t take as long to create a card so I feel like I am cheating, or if CAS is simply not my personal style. I certainly do like the cards I see on those blogs, though. Clean and Simple Designs is one and Simplicity is another. See what I mean? Beautiful cards!

Here is one attempt. Hero Arts cling stamp (I forget the name) and the sentiment is Papertrey (another one that I use a LOT!). The image is stamped onto Hero Hues layering paper and embossed with white powder. Bingo. Done.

july2010 014

Same idea but with a little bit of decorative paper on the left and a few more gemstones. But I restrained myself before I added ribbon. Or flowers. Or any more layers. That’s progress. Right???

july2010 007

I really do enjoy one making layer CAS cards and will make more, I’m sure. There are so many images that are well suited to this kind of design. I think I might need some more colors of embossing powder, though. :-)

DH has a birthday today and I have his card all finished but I can’t show it to you yet. I meant to take a picture before I sealed it in the envelope but that didn’t happen so I will get that done later today. It is a bit outside the box for me and I have to say that I am very pleased with it. I will tell you that it is not CAS at all! I am also working on more cards for OWH and thinking about putting some in an Etsy shop, but I’m still mulling that one over. Do any of you have an Etsy shop - what are your thoughts on that? Worth it? Pain in the neck? Gimme the scoop.

I am also getting a little antsy about doing a redesign of my blog but am afraid of losing all of my links and gadgets. I would not be happy!So if you stop by one day and it looks awful you’ll know what happened.


More Hugs

Can you tell I like this sentiment stamp? Well, I do like it a lot, for several reasons. When I am making cards for Operation Write Home and need an affectionate, but not too smoochy-kissy, sappy kind of sentiment this fits the bill perfectly. When I am making cards to have on hand for some unforeseen card-sending occasion, it also fits that bill. Someday I will move on to another sentiment but for now this is working for me, most of the time. I also like it because it is a large stamp and can fill up some space on the front of a card. I bet you’ve seen it so much on my blog I don’t even need to tell you who makes it, do I? Ok then, I won’t.

july2010 013

I found a couple of sheets of the Basic Grey Kioshi paper at AC Moore one day and I am trying my best to use the paper I buy rather than hoard it. Not easy, I know! But very satisfying. Try it sometime. Just repeat after me – it’s only a piece of paper, it’s only a piece of paper, it’s only…..you get the idea.

I used a Fiskars border punch for the ribbon threading border and I wish someone would make an adjustable one so the holes could be spaced out differently depending on the size of the paper. See how the ribbon goes over the front at the bottom and under at the top? Phooey. I could have made a larger card, I guess, but A2 is the size I am most comfortable with. I tried several different sizes for the ribbon threading part and none of them worked any better so it is what it is, peeps. I’m open to suggestions.

The scalloped border is an EK Success border punch – I do love those punches. I won’t even tell you how many of those I have, no matter how much you torture me. It’s embarrassing.

That’s it for today. Thank you so much for stopping by and I really appreciate your kind comments. Truly, I do.


Sending Hugs

On the way home from our little trip to Wilmington we came back through Raleigh so I could stop at Archiver’s. DH is good that way – he rarely minds going out of our way to take me to a stamp store, isn’t that sweet?

Anyway, I saw a card there that I wanted to make. Did I take a photo of it? Of course not. I thought I could remember it. Uh huh. After searching the Ideas section of their website for an hour I finally found it. I did, at least remember which Hero Arts stamp sets they used and added those to my collection once I got home. Stamper’s Alley is THE best place to shop! Ok, I did get a couple of things at Archiver’s but only stuff I can’t get here.

I’ll quit yapping now and show you the cards.

july2010 011

These little green dots are made with a Viva Decor Paper Pen. They aren’t really pens at all, but tubes of paint-like stuff. The Paper Pens are not shimmery like the Pearl Pens are but this green matched so well I chose to use the non-shimmery stuff this time. I really like the way they just even out and don’t leave little tips on the dots like some other dimensional paints can.

 july2010 012

No Viva Decor here, those are Hero Arts gemstones for a little bling on an otherwise plain-Jane card. Sometimes plain-Jane is good.

july2010 015

Stamps: Hero Arts clear sets - Real Flowers, Speckled Ornaments, and Truly Appreciated Ink: Hero Hues Soft Purple and Soft Leaf, Memento Rich Cocoa                                   Other: Viva Decor Paper Pen, Martha Stewart border punch (pansies, I think), Hero Arts Gems

More Distressed Flowers

I don’t know if I am going be able to give this one away. I really like it. It is a little outside the box for me, because I am used to doing more structured, straight and orderly designs. This one happened quite by accident. I had adhered the Glimmer Misted paper into the card, trimmed the image and just tossed it over on to my work space. It landed almost as it is on the card, a little off kilter. I liked it and went with it. I added a couple of Hero Arts flowers, some buttons and twine, and some pearls to finish it off. It doesn’t even need a sentiment to make it complete.

july2010 008 

Jennifer McGuire is such an inspiration and so talented! I’ve seen her add bows of twine to so many cards but this is the first time I remembered to do it.I just tied a little bow and anchored it down with a mini glue dot. Voila!

july2010 009

Whatcha think?

Distress inks: Wild Honey, Shabby Shutters


Distressed Flowers

As promised, a card made with that pretty, shimmery Glimmer Misted paper from the last post.

The flower is a Hero Arts cling stamp (Wildflower Garden, I think)which I inked up using Shabby Shutters and Tumbled Glass Distress Inks. I spritzed the image with a bit of water and stamped it onto watercolor paper. The edges are inked with Shabby Shutters. The paper flowers started out white but I colored those with Glimmer Mist to match the paper. Add a few gems and a sentiment and that’s all you need.

july2010 010

I did make quite a few of these using different color combinations but haven’t made cards with all of them yet. The watercolor paper seems to make all of the difference. The colors blend so much better on it than on regular card stock.

Stop back by soon – you never know what you will find :-)


Playing with Glimmer Mist

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day weekend. We watched some fireworks and just had a nice, relaxing couple of days.

Last week I decided to get out my Glimmer Mists and some faux mulberry paper and just play a bit, to see what I could come up with. What’s nice about these sprays is that it’s so easy to get really nice color combinations. The lighter, pastel colors seem to work best for this, I think. Here is how the paper started out:

july2010 034

Pretty white paper with some gold and silver speckles. It’s a smoother texture that regular mulberry paper but you can see the threads that run through it. The paper is really lightweight, too. This is what it looks like after a little bit of spraying with Glimmer Mist.

Tutti Fruitti and Blue Skies

july2010 021

Hula Hoop and Mimosa

july2010 023

Hula Hoop and Blue Skies

july2010 024


july2010 028

Hula Hoop with a little Mimosa here and there

july2010 032

I love that stuff! There are such beautiful colors with so much shimmery goodness. I am really pleased with the way these turned out. As always, they are much prettier in person. It’s hard to get a good representation of the color variations with my camera and the shimmer is almost impossible to photograph. I made several others but the colors were so subtle that they didn’t show up well in photos at all. I did make a couple of cards with these papers and will be posting those later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by.


A Great Big Pile of Cards

All stamped with the OWH logo, ready to go up to Stamper’s Alley and off to Operation Write Home! I decided to stop hoarding most of my cards and send them off to someone who could use them. Cards from classes I’ve taught, cards I made for no particular reason, as well as those I made specifically for OWH. I have to confess I did keep a few, just in case an occasion pops up unexpectedly – at least I will be prepared. Those might be in the next batch of OWH cards.

010 (2)

Do you have some cards lying around your craft room that could be put to good use? Maybe they are tucked away in a box or a basket, saved because you liked the design, or because you just liked the look of the colors together. I do the same thing. Why? Dunno. It’s not like I can’t make more, right?

Anyway, they are always in need of something on which to write home. If you don’t live in my area check out their website for a shipper that is near you. It will definitely bring a smile to someone’s face… and to yours, too! Really.

I’ve been playing with backgrounds again and if you look closely you can see one of them peeking out at the top left of the photo, just to the right of the blue and white card with the flowers. Faux mulberry paper with sparkles in it and Glimmer Mist….yum! I plan to get something pretty made with those very soon, so stop back by and see what I was able to conjure up.