Is this week over yet?

Without boring you with the details, let me just state for the record that this week, so far, sucks. A lot. And it’s only Wednesday. The one bright spot was a lovely birthday gift from my friend Marsha. An adorable pair of earrings by a local artist in the mountains. Thank you, Marsha, I love them! No photo, sorry. I’m a slacker.

But I do have a card or two to show you. This is the one I gave Marsha for her birthday this week:


Once more, I should have considered the background in the photo. Sigh. The image is a Bella stamp (Stella’s Cupcakes), one of only four that I have in my possession. The Bella stamps are pricey, and especially for bare, unmounted-to-anything-at-all rubber. This girl was too cute to pass up, though.

Another card I sent to my daughter:


Yep, another Bella. Bitty Bloom is her name, I believe. Can you tell I am on a layering squares with punched corners binge? It’s just too much fun! And so very easy. Squares in increments of 1/4”. The largest is 3-1/2”, the second is 3-1/4”, and the top is 3”. I added two layers of a Nestabilities die, some pearls and a little ribbon on top of some of that glittery Best Creations paper. Voila. I padded it within an inch of its life to go through the mail. It made it there intact, I’m proud to say, and she was a happy girl when she opened it.

Here is the beautiful girl herself. This was taken a few weeks ago when she was here for a visit. She lives in Asheville, for now. The plan is for her to move in with us for a while, go back to school, get a better job, etc. I will be glad when she is over here – I miss her a lot! We always have such a good time together. She’s a sweetie!


I think I will go drown my sorrows in some coffee, watch some mindless TV and go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is another day – hopefully a better one as well. I did get a good haircut today so I am grateful for that.

Nighty night, people.


  1. Sorry your week has been a rotten one so far; hopefully the worst is over and things will be better tomorrow. Your daughter is beautiful!

  2. Love your card and hope things are looking up for you?? Your DD is beautiful! Hugs,kathy

  3. OMG is she gorgeous!!! What a stunning girl! Talk about natural beauty. Wow! Now for your cards. . .First, I laughed out loud on the "I should have considered the background". I do that a lot and I always tell myself "You are not going to do that again Mister!" And then a few weeks later bam! LOL But it didn't take away from your card. It is as cute as can be. Your second card is so beautiful with those colors! And the punched corner effects are brilliant! I love that look and Am going to have to try that. Finally, I'm sorry your day sucked, hopefully today and your weekend will make up for it! Best, Curt

  4. Love the creative layers on your cards, the bitty bloom stamp is adorable! Your daughter is beautiful! I think she has your eyes :) Sorry you are having a rotten week and hope it improves quickly!!


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