Under pressure

So, last night – at 11:15pm, mind you – DH says to me, “R is having a birthday tomorrow, do you have a birthday card I can give him?”. Seriously? Does he like flowers? No? Are you sure? Men!!

The search for some “manly” patterned paper begins. I start in the Blue/Purple drawer, pass over the purple and hope I have some blue which is suitable. You know, no blue butterflies or swirly things, just a blue plaid or even stripes. No luck. I moved on to the Yellow/Orange/Brown drawer. Jackpot! A piece which is mostly brown with some blue and white lines on it. I knew I kept that paper for a reason. I think I’ve had it for several years.

I set to work creating my next masterpiece. I found a sentiment which wasn’t too sappy (Penny Black), stamped it half a dozen times (after stamping several others as many times) and die cut it with 5 or 6 different shapes. Meh. Scrap the cool shapes, they aren’t working. Several pieces of card stock later I decided on rectangles.

Before I make a short story any longer, here is the result, of which I am quite proud, by the way. Apparently I work well under pressure.


The patterned paper was brown with white and blue, I added the yellow over some of the white with a Copic marker because I needed a spot of yellow to go with the ribbon and the sun. The cloud is a Papertrey die, the sun is a Carla Craft punch. I’d love to find a larger sun punch.

No bows, just grosgrain ribbon. A manly, masculine ribbon, not foofy and girly at all. No bling, no Stickles, not a brad in sight, yet I am happy with the result. I probably should have photographed it on something other than the blue paper I used on the card. Too late. By then it was 2:30am and I was just plain done. I’m happy that I remembered  to take a photo of it at all.

Not bad for a last minute scramble, huh? I should make some more to have on hand so next time I don’t have to scramble.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We finally got a little rain here today and are hoping for some more tonight. Is it Fall yet???


  1. That's a great card! Very manly!

  2. I think it turned out great too! love how you added the yellow to the pp so that it matched the ribbon and the sun, very creative!

  3. Outstanding! Just like a guy to wait until 11:15 PM to ask for a card! Love the story of how it came to fruition! And your card turned out perfect. I'm surprised that after all the time and work, that your story didn't end with "and after all of that, he walked out the door and forgot it!" LOL That, again would have been typical! Best, Curt


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