I just had to share this

Totally not stamping related, but I had to share this – along with a little couponing information I learned today. Harris Teeter is doubling coupons up to $1.98 through November 9, so I took my coupons and went out in the rain today. I saved over $40 at HT alone and that was where I learned this awesome little bit of information.

I was looking at the dishwasher detergents with a Finish Quantum coupon in my hand when I saw another woman with a BINDER full of coupons (there are lots of these women on double coupon days) pick up one of the Finish detergents that were on sale but not the one on my coupon. She had the same coupon. She smiled at me and shared her secret. Now, if I am the last one to know this, please don’t tell me, ok? Anyway, she said that if the first set of numbers on the barcode on your coupon match the first set of barcode numbers on the product, it will work, even if it is not the same product on the coupon. It has to be the same manufacturer, of course. So, I picked up the same detergent she had, as well as some Welch’s juice that was a different brand than the coupon I had – the coupon item was gone already . The barcodes were the same. It worked. This isn’t harming the store, they will still get reimbursed for the coupons. She said someone that worked at a grocery store told her about this. Some stores and/or cashiers may be pickier than others, in which case I wouldn’t suggest arguing with them. Just go with it and either take the item anyway or put it back, no big deal. The reason I do like this is because some stores run out of the couponed items so quickly and some will offer rain checks and some won’t. Just a little FYI to keep in mind if you are a couponer (is that a word?).

THIS is the deal I just have to brag about a little bit. I bought all of this at Target today for $3.27, using coupons.


Yes, you read that right. $3.27 – here is the receipt to prove it. The tax was almost as much as the items – apparently the tax is computed on the price before the coupons are applied.

2021-1 2022

All coupons, and none of the using them on other products thing that I mentioned. They were all for the products that I bought. The nice thing about Target is that you can use their coupon AND a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item. Rite Aid, Walgreen’s and CVS do this, too. I think I have enough air fresheners for some time to come!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Party on.