Our first paying gig

My daughter and I have become quite the cupcake bakers lately. She takes some of them to work with her, to save us from ourselves. We have been experimenting with different frostings, fillings, etc. and so far everything has been very popular. Last week, one of her co-workers commissioned a dozen cupcakes for his parent’s anniversary tomorrow. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting and marshmallow crème filling, to be exact.

So we set out on a red velvet cupcake baking adventure. Let me just say up front that we will not be making a profit on these cupcakes. Baking from scratch is, in the first place, not as economical as it used to be. And, in the second place, when you have to do a test batch (or two) it gets even less economical. The first batch, on which we tried to save a little money by halving the recipe, didn’t turn out quite as expected. The second batch (no more halving!) was very tasty, so she took them to work for his approval. They passed with flying colors.

This morning we baked the cupcakes once more, filled them with marshmallow crème filling (also made from scratch), and frosted them with homemade cream cheese frosting. Miss Amanda did the mixing, I was merely the sous chef (sous baker?) and general helper. They are delicious!

Submitted for your approval, the finished product:


He also requested the letters B and M on top of the cupcakes, which was done with melting chocolate by my super talented daughter.

A few close-ups:

149 153151 

I prefer frosting that is a little stiffer and can be piped on with a pretty star tip, but cream cheese frosting is softer than that. We tried adding more confectioners’ sugar to the second batch but it never did stiffen up, so I went with a large round tip.

Looking back, I wish I had taken photos of the process. Then again…with all that powdered sugar and frosting flying around that might not have been the best idea. A Kitchen Aid stand mixer is definitely on my wish list, it would have made the process SO much easier.

We are pretty proud of ourselves today :-) We are a few ounces pounds heavier, too, I think. Hey, someone had to taste test them!


  1. Mmmmm, Red Velvet cupcakes. Let me send you my address ....

  2. Now I am hungry! They look so awesome.

  3. Those sound and look divine! Wish I was closer :)

  4. Yummy looking. Boy...cupcakes have become the 'in thing' haven't they?! Your cupcakes look wonderful...you should be proud.

    Deb (in Texas)

  5. Wow I have been away way to long! Did you have to do the close up pictures?? LOL I mean really they look to die for! I would have sampled for you had I lived closer...

  6. These look incredible! Red Velvet cake is one of my favs, and there is nothing better than cream cheese frosting! I'm so proud of you guys too! Next I'll see you pop up on the Food Network Channel! Best, Curt


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