A Hot Mess

Autumn seems to have arrived here in NC, at least temperature-wise. The leaves are slowly changing and since we had a fairly dry summer there may not be as much brilliant color this year. I do hope I’m wrong about that, the colorful trees are one of my favorite things about Autumn and one of the reasons we chose this area. This is what the trees in the backyard look like this afternoon. It was cloudy, windy, and quite cool out today.


It’s pitiful. There’s one reddish leaf and way too much green.


See that sad little red leaf?


Enough leaf looking… on to the hot mess that is my craft room. I realized yesterday that Halloween was quickly approaching and I had yet to make the first card. So, I cranked up my Silhouette and got to work. I cut out some haunted houses, bats, scaredy cats, trees, and lots of frames and labels. And here they lie.


Stamps everywhere… and a sewing machine in the midst of it all. Looking at the photos it doesn’t look all that messy but, trust me, it is. I tossed a bunch of the cut out pieces into that plastic bin behind the stamps in an attempt to straighten up a bit. It didn’t help much.


This happens every year around the holidays because I keep my holiday stamps separate from the rest of my stamps and have to drag them out en masse in order to get holiday cards created. Hence they are spread all over creation, and that makes a slightly OCD person such as myself a little nuts.

I have to say that I am loving the Silhouette. With a good sharp blade and the right setting it cuts through paper like buttah. See that scrolly tree in the bottom right corner of the photo above? Yep - cut with my trusty Silhouette. It has some very fine detail and it cut it perfectly. Some designs cannot be made too small or it won’t cut them well, but the ones I have chosen so far have come out fine. Some of the labels in the first photo are exactly like Spellbinders Fancy Labels Two and I found the cut file - free! - online. They can be resized to any size needed and I can cut as many as 6 or seven at a time depending on the size of the label. That’s what I’m talking about! Mass production, baby!

An ever-so-slightly less chaotic mess even over here…


A drawer of Halloween papers sitting atop one of my many paper trimmers, scraps of paper  here and there….. arrrgghhhhh! It has to stop. This is what I will be working on this weekend. I will be at Stamper’s Alley working tomorrow, but on Saturday I will attack this mess with gusto and maybe have some cards to show you next week. Oh, I did have a little helper…. but he spent most of his time sleeping on the job. It’s hard to get good help these days. Maybe I need to get better cat treats.


That is Mr. Michael, taking a little cat nap. I disturbed him a bit with the Silhouette - that thing sounds like a cat caught in a lawnmower! - but he persevered and once the noise was over, he rolled over and went back to sleep.

Since Halloween is right around the corner and I was in a picture taking mood today, here’s a little treat for you. (If you are squeamish you might not want to look - you’ve been warned).

I noticed this guy on the table on our back porch. Isn’t he adorable?


Thank goodness for a zoom lens is all I gotta say. These things creep me out big time. He’s lucky I didn’t squash him after I took his picture. Here’s a little close-up…what are those things on his head? Eyes? Eewww. Yep, he’s lucky I let him live. He may not get a second chance.


Happy Halloween!


  1. We need to chat about that Silhouette. I'm contemplating a purchase.

    Love seeing where you work! Looks normal to me, not messy at all!!

  2. I'm with you, chaos drives me nuts, but it is unavoidable. . .it is a vicious circle. . .if I take the time to clean it up before I start a new project, then I lose interest, but if I don't get it cleaned up and work on another project I get frustrated. . .There has to be a psychological term for that! LOL LOVE that spider. Don't know what you call them there, but here we call them "Granddaddy Longlegs". They are completely harmless to humans. This one in your photograph is missing a leg! Poor thing. . .best, Curt

  3. How fun!! I came looking for you. I thought I was following you. A long story. I lost followers a while back and figured out the problem. I just saw yours had disappeared. It happens when you don't clear out the Google Reader. The followers and the reader are attached. A long story, anyway, when the followers are back I will check out to see what' wrong. LOLOL Another Winter on its way. Saw where the store is cutting back on hours too. Talk with you soon.


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