Copics on Embossing

I’ve seen it done on lots of blogs and websites, and have done it myself in the past but had forgotten about it until lately. I saw this card and had to have that folder. Had to! Well, I got it but I am sad to report that I did not have the same luck with the folder that she did. I wasted more than a couple of sheets of card stock trying to get that folder to emboss without  badly wrinkling or even tearing the paper in some spots. I did finally manage to do that (I won’t tell you how many naughty words were used that day), but when I tried coloring the embossed parts they didn’t quite turn out the way I had envisioned. The Sizzix folders are thicker than the Cuttlebug folders. I tried several different combinations of clear plates, embossing pads, shims, etc. It was an adventure. A frustrating one.

That folder was part of a set, and this folder was the other one in the set. It did emboss a little too deeply, too, but not quite as much as the other one. I colored the raised parts with Copic markers, which was much easier on this one. I am pretty happy with the results.


I haven’t given up on the the other folder, I’ve just decided to stop torturing myself for a while and move on to less stressful things. I will win, in the end. Or the folder could end up a pile of plastic pieces in the round file. We’ll just have to see how that turns out, stay tuned.


  1. This one turned out great! wonder what was happening with that other folder......... don't you hate it when you try and try and nothing works?!

  2. Love the way this one turned out, Jackie! It's so pretty! Keep trying - sometimes I've just used a number of scratch sheets of paper in between the plates until I get it right - good luck! :)

  3. Jackie, this is DARLING! I adore those little blue sprigs at the ends of the branches! Have you tried using a really thick paper for embossing? Just a shot in the dark.......


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