Stripes and Flowers

Leslie had a pretty card on her blog a couple of weeks ago and I decided to CASE it. I was able to use up some more of my huge stash of flowers, too.

Looking at it now, I think it resembles piano keys. Not black and white, I know, but still. Maybe I should have made the strips a little longer. Ah, well.

Like Leslie, I didn’t have any black with white dots ribbon in my stash of every-color-but-the-one-I-need-ribbon, so I ended up layering a couple of different ribbons. Four ribbons, to be exact. The white dots are on a sheer black, which is layered over black satin, on top of white satin, on top of a strip of black silk which is folded because it was too wide. Whew!

Of course I had to add a little bling to the sentiment with some gems. Despite the piano key thing, I am happy with the way it turned out. Now I need to find some wide black ribbon with white dots.



  1. Oh, this is so pretty, Jackie! I love pink and green together, and adding the black makes it so striking! LOVE this! :)

  2. YAY! A CASE of a CASE of a CASE! I love your version of it, too! What a cool way to layer all those ribbons! :)

  3. Very striking! Those colors are so clean looking.


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