Ribbon organization

I have an embarrassing amount of ribbon, both on spools and by the yard, so storage is always a challenge. I have some of it stored in one of my Alex drawers (from Ikea) in the Spool & Store containers from Inky Antics, some ribbon still on spools in boxes in my craft closet, a couple on the rack on the front of the closet door (mostly PTI and SU ribbon) and the rest I now have organized like this:


I used to hang the rings on two over-the-door racks and it was a jumbled mess. I was browsing Pinterest (don’t you love that place??) and found this idea there – ribbon organization. Since my ribbon was already on the binder rings, I decided to leave it that way and use S hooks to hang the rings from the hanger, separating them with the little binder clips to keep them from sliding all over the hanger. I tried using those plastic ribbon loop thingies like you see on the green ribbon ring, but it was way too much trouble to add a new piece of ribbon or even get a piece cut off, so I went to the binder ring method.


I think I am really going to like this idea better than the way I stored it before. I can grab the binder ring with the appropriate color on it, take it to my craft table and get what I need without having to fight my way through a big ribbon-y mess. This hangs on the back of the door to my craft room, so it’s out of sight of any small kittehs that might think the ribbons are there for their amusement.

Do you have any organizational ideas you’d like to share? Not just for ribbon, but for anything crafty. I’d love to hear/see them.


  1. What a great idea. This looks really well organized. Love all of your ribbon! Hope you are doing well! Best, Curt

  2. great idea! easy access but out of the way when not needed :). Have been taking the Online Card class this week and they have some great organizational tips to spark creativity. spent all day today cataloging my inks....still not done :).

  3. This is very cool. What do you do with 5-yd lengths? Or your SU ribbons that are 10 & 15 yds? I still keep those in a drawer. I gave up my smaller ribbon spools several years ago and wound them all onto wooden clothes pins. I have them boxed by colors.

  4. This is a great idea! Hope it works for you. It looks good too!

  5. Don't know if I told you this or not, but your new pic looks great! Love your hair! Best, Curt

  6. Misery love company!!! I have too too much ribbon even for this, but this looks awesome too. Just checking to make sure you are still there! :-)


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