What have I been up to?

Not making many cards, that's for certain. I have some new dies and stamps I want to break in, but I've been busy making pretty envelopes from patterned paper, stamping and coloring postcards, and writing letters. My letter writing is about to get a lot more frequent. See that great big badge on the right side --------------------------->
the one that says A Month of Letters Participant? Yep, I am writing a letter a day in February. I may write more, but not less, that's the challenge.

I started writing letters again a few months ago and I am enjoying it immensely. It makes my day when I get a handwritten letter in the mail among all of the junk mail and bills. To think that someone took time to sit down with pen and paper, and put their thoughts in writing just for me is a wonderful feeling. I don't know what I enjoy more - reading my incoming mail or writing replies. I have always had a passion for pens and paper, and stamping somewhat satisfied that, but there's nothing like letter writing (don't fret, I am not giving up stamping!). Email is good for transmitting quick bits of information, as is Facebook, Twitter, etc., but a letter is better.

What I find mildly amusing about it all is that people will ask, "How long have you been writing letters?", when in the not-too-distant past that was one of the primary forms of communication, right up there with the telephone. I didn't realize how much I missed it. In high school I had several pen pals, including one from Malaysia. I think I may still have some of his letters stashed away in my keepsake box.

Stationery is a rare find, so I make some of my own and I have found bits and pieces here and there. Pens are in no short supply, thank goodness! JetPens.com is one of my favorite haunts nowadays. They have almost any kind of writing instrument one could want...and I am good at wanting. I have a couple of fountain pens and I love the feel of them in my hand and the smoothness of the ink gliding across the paper. I have added a page to this blog for pen and paper reviews and such, and hope to add some information there in the near future.

I have enjoyed making my own custom envelopes, too. For the first couple of times I took apart an envelope and just used it as a template, but I found it is so easy to make almost any size you need, as long as you have a large enough sheet of paper. If anyone is interested I would be glad to post instructions. It is a good way to use up some of that why-did-I-buy-this patterned paper in your stash! We R Memory Keepers has just introduced their new Envelope Punch Board,  which will be available in a stamp store near you soon. From what I've seen it makes creating envelopes a snap!

So, if any of you dear blog readers out there are interested in finding pen pals I have a couple of links for you:

A Month of Letters
Make Every Day a Good Mail Day
The Missive Maven

From these links you can certainly find a pen pal or two. Or 10! Dust off those pens, find some pretty paper, and write a letter soon. You probably already know several people that would love to hear from you.


  1. This is a terrific project, and it's ambitious too. I can't wait to hear how many letters you write and receive. I hope you'll post pics of your envelopes.

  2. I'd love a tutorial on how to make great looking envelopes! I'm so envelope challenged!


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