An Owl Card and a Month of Letters Card from Germany

My darling daughter had a birthday last month and, as usual, I procrastinated about making a card. I finally decided to just buy a card and take the heat for it. I found a musical card at CVS which played the immortal Hamster Dance tune, and I knew it would make her smile – and perhaps call me bad things at the same time. Then I felt like such a slacker, so I whipped up this little gem. And by that, I mean I spent several hours choosing colors, shapes, punching circles….you know how that goes. As my friend Leslie says… stamping is hard, people! Even when there’s no stamping involved.


She loves  owls (ok, maybe she’s a little obsessed with them) and I found this owl shape in my Silhouette software. Perfect! I cut out two bodies and made a score line near the top of the back piece so it would open like a card – but I didn’t take a photo of that part, sorry. You get the idea, right? I punched out L O T S of circles for the “feathers”, a couple for the eyes, and cut a little yellow triangle for the beak. It turned out to be a pretty cute little card, don’t you think? I cut a slightly smaller shape out of white card stock and attached it to the inside for the sentiment. She liked it. And yes, she liked the musical card, too, but she will be glad when the battery dies on it, I think :-)

This gorgeous card was sent to me by a Month of Letters participant in Germany. She made it! The outer layer is acetate and I have no idea how she put all of those beautiful glittery gold and green deigns on it, they don’t look like stickers. It’s just stunning in person.


Here’s a close up of the main image. I tried to get a good photo to show how three dimensional it is, but I’m not sure it shows up very well. The lines you see are where the layers line up. It’s thicker on the left side and tapers down to the right. They are all perfectly aligned.


Here’s a how of the other side – it’s layers of clear acetate printed with the images. It is so much more beautiful in person. I wrote back immediately and thanked her for this lovely card. I haven’t heard back from her yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another of her fabulous creations to arrive in my mailbox one day soon.


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  1. HAHA! Stamping IS hard! That owl card is so cute, but I secretly appreciate the Hampster Dance card.

    And that card from Germany is STUNNING! Maybe she'll tell you how she made it, or send you some of those acetate thingies.

  2. You bought a card at CVS? Good thing you saved yourself with that cute owl card!
    What a treasure you got from Deutschland!

  3. The owl card is so cute, I love owls, the card from Germany is quite pretty, I am in awe of all the creativity that goes into these cards, I need to stop gathering materials and start making some.


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