Sending You Sunshine

I am a sucker for a rainbow on a card. I don’t know why, I’ve just always loved rainbow colored things. And shiny things. But that’s another story for another day – back to the rainbows. I found this card with a video tutorial and fell in love immediately. Here’s my version:


The sentiment on the first one is from a Papertrey set and I just used whatever card stock I had in the right shade. If it had a texture on it, I used the back side of it. I didn’t have all of the colors with texture or I would have let the texture side show.

The sentiment on the one below is from a set by Darcie’s clear set called My Sunshine.


I love ‘em! I like the second one better, just because I used more colors and I like the sentiment better. You could use them for almost any occasion and they’d be great for birthday cards. I have enough birthday cards for now, though. The first one looks like the sun is off center a bit, but I think it’s the angle of the photo. Or maybe it really is off center :-). I made several more of these, and will probably make even more. If I made the card base bigger, I’d have more room for a bigger sentiment, so maybe I will do that next time.

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  1. I love them too! Thanks so much for including that video - I may have a use for it coming up really soon!

  2. These are beautiful. Instant happiness!

  3. Jackie, this technique is awesome! I like the way you framed your version in black. Thanks for the video link.

  4. Wow! You really are good. Are you an Archiver too? :) Those ladies are better than Hallmark. I see moms dragging their craft trunks on wheels and I know it's gonna be a glue and glitter day. :) I settle for the demos. They're nice also.

    Great work.


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