Happy June First!

I needed to make a get well card for a pen pal that wasn’t feeling too good. I found the inspiration online somewhere, as usual, and this is what happened.


The background paper is from an Amuse pack that I know I have had for a year or so and never opened! Paper hoarder? Me?? Ok, maybe I am, so what? It’s my paper and I’ll hoard it if I want to, hoard it if I want to. Now what song is stuck in your head? You’re welcome :-).

Anyway, the birds are dies from Memory Box – Resting Birds, I think the set is called. I just drew a line with a black marker and popped those little babies right on it. Birds on a wire. Resting Birds on a Wire. I apologize for the slightly wonky photo.


  1. I love this! I thought those were brads. I have brads. I'm stealing this idea.

  2. Love those colorful birds Jackie! Wonderful card!

  3. Love it! This is really cute, and it looks really easy!

  4. Sure to bring a smile to someone who needs one!

  5. Oh I just love this card and I 'm sure it will brighten someones day.

  6. Brilliant!!! I'm stealing this idea! Thanks in advance!


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