Birds on a Wire

I made a similar card back in June and I needed some card fronts for my card/letters, so I just CASEd my own design and changed it up a bit. That’s much easier than coming up with a completely NEW design. Lazy? Me?? Ummmm……yeah.


I added tiny black dots with a Micron pen for eyes on the birds and on this one I drew in some itty bitty bird legs. It occurred to me (after making 2 of them) that birds are usually standing on the wires rather than sitting. Duh!


No eyes and no legs - obviously physically challenged birds on this wire. But they are colorful and cute, and maybe no one will notice that they are blind and legless.


The birds are made with a Memory Box die called Resting Birds and the speech bubble is a stamp and die from Hero Arts. The wire is made with a black Memento marker - and a ruler. One of my hand drawn lines without using a ruler would mean the poor little blind, legless birds would be wobbling about on a really wonky wire and we don’t want that, do we? Maybe they’re not blind or legless after all, maybe they’re just napping - resting, as in the name of the die set, Resting Birds. That’s what they’re doing. I feel better about it now, thanks.


  1. I often do the same thing, Jackie.....love your rainbow of birds!!

  2. LOL! What a fun and funny post. As for your blind and legless birds, you know what they say, "Birds of a feather flock together". LOL I have this die and have not used it yet. What I great inspiration to do so. Hope all is well in your world! Hugs, Curt

  3. Blind, legless birds on a wonky wire? Um, yeah, I wold so do that. I think I bought this die because of you , and now I shall use it to CASE your card.

    PS: Sky? HA background die? Paper?


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