Washi Tape

I didn’t want to jump on the washi tape bandwagon, but I really couldn’t avoid it. I haven’t had the chance to expand my collection yet but I have a really long wish list.

One of my penpals asked what else I do with washi tape, besides using it on the envelopes, so I made these. They are almost identical to these, except I used 3 strips instead of 4. I could make these all day, they are so quick and easy.


I am looking forward to acquiring more washi tape soon. There are so many pretty designs and colors out there now. Queen & Co. and Doodlebug Designs are among my favorites. I went to AC Moore last week in hopes of finding some washi tape from these companies because they used to carry them, but apparently they don’t anymore. They had the same old tired stock they had 6 months ago. So I guess I will be doing some online shopping for my washi tape addiction. You know what that means, right? I’ll have to order enough to make the shipping charges worth it :-)


  1. Yes, washi tape is a fun way to make a quick card. I've noticed that JoAnn's is FINALLY getting on the bandwagon, though I'm not impressed yet with their designs. Doodlebug does make some really fun ones!

  2. I kinda love these, and you know why. :) If you need a list of online sources for washi tape, i might be able to assist ... *ahem*

  3. I have yet to get on that wagon. . .and one of the reasons is I think the name for it is stupid! LOL Every time I hear/see the name of the tape, I always think of that old TV skit where they Chinese laundry guy says "No Tickie - No Washie". Yes, I know, I'm nuts. . .Love how colorful these are! Best, Curt

  4. OK, so did your fingers get wrapped up and stuck with washi tape or are you just being a slacker? LOL Hope all is well with you. Hugs, Curt

  5. Uh hummmm. Excuse me. Knock Knock Knock. . .Is anybody home????? Helllllloooooooooo! Hope you are well. Best, Curt

  6. Just wanted you to know I was suffering from Jackie withdrawal. . .Thinking about you! Hugs, Curt


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