Hello Again

While I was browsing my Pinterest boards the other day, I kept being drawn to this card. I love bright colors and the contrast on this card just kept calling my name.


I don’t have any of the stamps she used, but I got out my Doodlebug Design 6 x 6 paper pad and came up with this. I really like the “Hello” stamp on her card, but this one from Hero Arts works, too. I could have cut out the letters with my Silhouette, or used some of my alphabet dies, but I didn’t think of that until this very moment. Excuse me while I make a note of that for next time. Be right back.


Ok, idea duly noted. This looks like a fairly simple card, which is another reason I decided to try it, but it took me almost an hour to complete. Lining up the banners and keeping them straight was no easy task. I applied some adhesive to the back of the stamped strip and carefully laid it down over them once I got them all straightened out. But they didn’t all stick because they are overlapping one another. Sigh. Another layer of adhesive over the ones that were already stuck down did the trick. I suppose I should have used some liquid glue - I certainly have enough of it - instead of my ATG and it would have given me a little more wiggle room to get them straight. Another note needed for next time.

Then I needed to trim the off the excess strips of patterned paper hanging over the top of the strip, so I grabbed my little scissors and started trimming. I keep telling you I am no good with scissors but no one believes me. About halfway down my scissors took on a mind of their own and decided to cut away the black strip, too. Brilliant. Stupid scissors. I like the Fiskars trimmer with the wire that Jennifer McGuire uses because it makes it so easy to cut exactly where you want, but I hate the blades. Even when they are brand new they aren’t sharp enough to cut cleanly through medium and heavyweight card stock without leaving a fuzzy edge that needs to be sanded off. We can send a man to the moon and a robot to Mars, but we can’t make sharper trimmer blades? Really?

Anyway, I gave my headstrong scissors a firm talking to and successfully (and slowly) trimmed the rest of the black off of the top of the strip. Then I added a little strip of black on the back to make it even. Yes, Leslie, stamping is hard! To keep the banner ends popped up a bit, I added some rolled up glue dots underneath them. I just take my pokey tool (the official name escapes me) and grab the glue dot, lap it over onto itself and slip it under the paper. That was actually the easiest part of this card!

I still like her card better than mine and maybe I will make another run at it later. I’ve also cut some designs using my Silhouette that may work as stencils, so stay tuned for that episode, coming soon(ish) to an interweb near you.


  1. Love your card! That Hello from Hero Arts is one of my favorites, and I love the papers you used! Gorgeous!

  2. I think your take on my card is fabulous Jackie! I feel very honoured that you were inspired by it it. I had to smile as I was reading through your post...and if it makes you feel any better, when I made my card, I think I shuffled those little banners around the card for over an hour until I decided on the final placement. I agree - card making is hard!!

  3. BWAHAHAHA! I was going to say I had to check the blog name to see if I'd written this, but then you mentioned me, and YES, stamping is HARD!

    Tip: Try to roughly lay out the paper strips, then put adhesive on the bottom layer and stick them down to the base. Then stick down the next layer on top. You can roughly cut the tops off as they will be covered by the top strip with the sentiment. I have better luck this way than trying to stick them to the strip itself, for the exact reason you ran into. :) OR, stick them to the white strip, trim, then put the black on last. That will also sandwich the banners for added security.

    I'm going to CASE this tomorrow to see if my ideas actually work. :D

  4. Glad to know I’m not the only one who has trouble with scissors. I blame it on the fact that I didn’t go to kindergarten. Looks like you wrangled those banners into place perfectly!

  5. Jackie, I wish I could get a card this cute done in 2 hours let alone 1!!! Love your colors and your design too!!


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