More Birthday Cards

Jennifer McGuire had a video featuring ironed off embossing and sponging a while back, and although I skipped the ironing off part, I did emboss and sponge.

I stamped the backgrounds (all Hero Arts) with Versamark ink and sponged the color on with Distress Inks. I only used 4 colors of Distress Ink - Picked Raspberry, Salty Ocean, Peacock Feathers, and Wild Honey. The purple and green comes from where the colors overlap, creating a new color. This time I was careful to choose colors that would create a pretty color instead of mud brown!

Yes, I got lazy and used the same die and sentiment as I used on the previous cards, but that whole embossing and sponging thing is hard work. Whew! So, I took the easy way out. It wasn’t all THAT easy, actually. I stamped quite a few of the sentiment pieces and ended up with just enough for these cards. There was either cat fur stuck to the stamp which left smudgy lines, or I stamped it wonky, or it didn’t stamp solidly….sigh. Yes, Leslie, stamping is HARD! But it’s fun, so that makes up for it - most of the time, at least.



Here we have some of my lovely homemade enamel dots! The placement is a little awkward, I know, and I may add a few more here and there. I was surprised at how well the colors matched the background. The card was done a week or so before I made the enamel dots.


Close up of one of the enamel dots. I love these little guys, I just can’t stop making them!


Thanks for stopping by and I have yet more birthday cards to show you later in the week, so don’t stay away too long.


  1. These colors are wonderful together, Jackie, and I love the big background stamps you chose, too! And yes, your enamel dots fit it perfectly!

  2. Yes, stamping IS hard! HAHAHA! I love your backgrounds. I only ironed off mine when someone else brought an iron. I still can't find mine. They look just fine un-ironed, too!


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