Update on the DIY Enamel Dots

So, I went to AC Moore and found LOTS of Perler Beads and some different pony beads.

I couldn’t resist this giant bucket of Perler Beads - it was on sale:


Just look at all of those gorgeous colors! 22,000 pieces!!


Then I saw these - stripes and pearlescent beads. Ahhh, yiss.

DSCN4787DSCN4789DSCN4790        DSCN4791DSCN4792           DSCN4793

These pony beads looked interesting, a better quality than the Dollar Tree beads. Does anyone know why they are called pony beads?


Yesterday morning was spent melting some of them and here are the results.

The striped ones turned out really cute. They remind me of pinwheels.

DSCN4836 - Copy

I was disappointed in the pearlescent ones. They look like funky little eyeballs. I left them in the oven a little longer in hopes of them smoothing out, but they never did.

DSCN4835 - Copy

Here are some comparisons of the AC Moore pony beads and the Dollar Tree pony beads.

AC Moore on the left, Dollar Tree on the right. They’re both quite pretty.


The Dollar Tree yellow bead is more of a dull, dirty yellow.

DSCN4842 - Copy

These are both good, just different shades of purple.


AC Moore on the left and top, Dollar Tree on the bottom right. Again, it’s a dull, dirty shade of pink.

DSCN4840 - Copy

These are all Perler Beads. I like the different shades of blue.


Now I have quite a collection of enamel dots, both big and small! I can see that I need to melt more of certain colors, and also that I tend to favor certain colors. I haven’t tried coloring the white ones with a Copic marker yet - that might be my next experiment.


I’d like to find some beads that are a slightly different size than either of these. I have yet to try cutting the Perler Beads in half, so maybe that will do the trick.

Go grab some beads and play!


  1. LOVE the striped ones, Jackie! And I agree, bummer that the pearly ones turned into eyeballs :))

  2. DANG, now I need to try this. I looked at the striped ones and I LOVE how they melted. Must go shopping!!!! :)


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