Stamping is Hard!

I’ve borrowed today’s title from The Crooked Stamper. She repeats that fairly often, and I am here to tell you that she is 100% correct.  This looks like a simple enough card, right? Just grab some paper and a stamp and voila….card. HA!

This all began when my dear husband told me he would like a birthday card for one of his cronies, whose birthday is Monday. Rather than doing what I usually do, which is procrastinate until midnight (or later) on Sunday, I decided to jump right in and get it done. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I chose a layout from some cards I made a while back and decided to just change up the colors for a more masculine palette.

2014-11-08 13.29.51

This, and more, is what it took just to create ONE card! This is only part of the stuff. There are little multicolored polka dots everywhere and scraps of paper scattered all over other surfaces. The polka dots were literally jumping off of the clear cutting plate, it was hilarious. Dry air, lots of static in here today.

2014-11-08 12.52.252014-11-08 12.52.30

Once I had chosen the patterned paper for the bottom of the card (which took longer than it should have because I didn’t want to go cutting up my precious Doodlebug 6 x 6 paper pad willy nilly), I couldn’t decide on a color combination for the polka dot background and the sentiment pieces, so I cut up quite a few pieces of card stock. I put one together and decided I didn’t like it. Back to the Big Shot to cut up some more card stock.

Three pairs of scissors, one die cutting machine, a paper trimmer, some glue, ATG adhesive, four dies, foam tape, a stamp and some ink - and several hours - one manly birthday card is born! Boom! See what I mean… stamping is hard! And I hardly stamped anything, most of it is just paper/card stock. I didn’t really have to stamp the sentiment because I had some left over from the other cards, but I didn’t find them until after I had stamped one piece. After I put that one together (in the upper left hand corner of the second photo) I changed my mind about the colors one more time. That’s when I remembered having extras. Better late than never, I guess.

Mission accomplished. No glitter or bling, of course. That just wouldn’t be macho, would it? Polka dots are ok though, right? They are now. I saved the pieces I didn’t use so maybe I can make an extra to have on hand for next time. If only I can remember to use them. Sigh.

Dies - My Favorite Things
Stamp: Verve Stamps
Patterned paper - Doodlebug Design Friendly Forest


  1. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!?! When I sit down to list supplies I use to make one stoopid card, and the list is as long as my arm, I'm all WTH?!?!?!

    I do love this design, though. I might have to CASE it. I probably said that the last time you made a similar one, but I forgot.

  2. Not only did you make a masculine card, but it's perfect for fall too. Well done!


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