The Most Difficult Kind of Card...

Sympathy cards. As much as I enjoy making cards, these are the ones I least like to make, because it means someone somewhere is feeling sad. When someone loses a beloved pet it makes me sad, too. I know what a painful experience it is.

Even though I cannot make the pain go away, I can at least let them know I am thinking of them and that I am terribly sorry for their loss.


  1. That's a lovely card, and it's bound to lift the spirits of the recipient. I try to make sympathy cards when I don't need them. Easier that way.

  2. Excellent card! Very touching. Thanks for the inspiration and idea.

  3. Your lovely Sympathy card I am sure will be treasured.

    Hugs diane

  4. This is beautiful Jackie. These cards are not easiest to make, for any loss, but you've captured a sense of ease in the scene. What a beautiful way to let them know you care.


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