Craft Room Makeover (long post)

It all started innocently enough. I wanted some more Ikea Alex drawers for my craft room, instead of the plastic Iris drawers I had. I decided that a cabinet would look nice, too, instead of the open shelves that were pretty organized, but just looked like a jumbled mess. That sounds easy enough, right? It would have been, if I had left it at that.

Against my better judgment but in an effort to save money, I ordered the 36" x 6'+ cabinet from Wal-Mart. It arrived damaged, of course. It also weighed 145 lbs! I felt so bad for the little FedEx driver. All he had was a dolly to get this monster up 3 steps and into the house. He was also one of their older drivers, not one of the young, strong guys. But he managed it! A few days later we open the box and there's a big dent on one of the doors. Ugh. Not enough packing material to protect the thing. Long story short, I had to argue with Wal-Mart about sending a label and having it picked up - they wanted us to take it back to the store! WTH? Um, no. They finally had it picked up and about 3 weeks later I finally got a refund... that's the end of my Wal-Mart shopping.

So, I decided to just go Ikea all the way and forget about a cabinet with doors. The Billy bookcases cost a little less than the stupid Wal-Mart cabinet anyway. The plastic folding tables I had in here were nice enough, but they were beige-ish and looked a little dirty against all of the white drawers, so why not get the white Ikea tabletops and legs, too? Oh, and since I have to take everything out, why don't we just paint the room? It was contractor white, we never painted it when we moved in and it was looking a little sad. Painting it won't take long. It's a small room, after all - it's only 12 x 11. Famous last words.

The painting only took 3 or 4 hours, it was actually kind of fun. I did the cutting in and hubby was in charge of the roller. It's what came after that nearly did me in! Putting everything back! Oy! What started out as a week-long project ended up being a little over 3 weeks, but I love the way it turned out. So I will shut up now and just show you a little before and after. Funnily enough, the paint color I chose is called Craft Brown, from Home Depot's Marquee collection.


Ikea Billy Bookcases

Ikea Alex Drawers

Ikea Alex Drawers and Linnmon tabletops

Even the closet got a makeover

Ikea Bygel rails and cups to store my Copics. There wasn't room for the grays and browns, so they are in pencil cups on either side, along with some paintbrushes and other markers. I wish they made these rails in longer sizes, and there wasn't room for 3 of them.

 Just 3 shelves on the wall and those baskets on top are empty! Stamps and stencils on the bottom shelf, all of my Distress Stains, Hero Arts daubers, and Tsukineko Pico Embellishers are in the clear bin on the center shelf. I have some other wood mounted stamps left and they are stored in the closet now.

I haunted TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Home Goods for the Fridge Binz and got them all at a decent discount instead of paying full price at Amazon or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I've ordered some white vinyl DVD dividers for my stamps and dies. I made those pink ones a while ago, and I'd rather have white. I love the translucent ones made from heavy duty plastic folders, but the only ones I could find are $2 each and shipping is ridiculous. So, white ones it is. They should be here next week. I found them here - thanks to a fellow stamper on Facebook.

I picked up this little caddy at Target in the office supply section. It's just the right size, it's divided into 6 sections, and holds everything I need.

This unit came from Home Depot. It's by Closet Maid and we had originally planned to hang it on the wall sideways, but I like it here better. This is where the huge brown bookcase used to be. On top is my spice rack that holds most of my washi tape.

There are even empty - yes, EMPTY - drawers. I labeled a few of the drawers today, just so I wouldn't have to keep opening every drawer until I found what I was looking for. Now I just need to get busy making some holiday cards - but I don't want to mess up the room :-) It's so cozy and comfortable in here now - I just love it! It was only 9 years in the making and it will make me happy for many years to come. Huge thanks to my sweet husband for helping with the furniture assembly and painting - and for enabling me to buy more drawers and these lovely tabletops :-) I couldn't have done it without you, sweetie XOXOXOX.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions about anything in here, please send me an email. ( Hi, Diane :-) )


  1. It turned out so nice, Jackie! I'm so jealous! Thanks for sharing it all with us, and now get in there and make some cards!!

  2. Can I please, please, please come and live with you? I am drooling on the keyboard right now. Just . . wow. Great job. In my dreams . . . .

  3. OMGOSH, this turned out just amazing!! I loved it before, now it's just gorgeous!!! I cannot wait to visit and color in this new room of yours. Love the craft brown btw, and YES, never shop at Walmart, they suck.

  4. What a great space! I love all your upgrades. Aren't those Bygel rails and accessories awesome?

    Now get in there and craft!!!!

  5. Yay!!! Your space looks fabulous and efficient! You're going to love playing in this space. Now get busy!

  6. Awesome...I am beyond impressed! It is gorgeous. I start renovating my room this spring. I am not looking forward to figuring it all out!!!

  7. It's wonderful! You will never see mine. LOLOLOL :-) I was sorry to hear about Connie. She will be missed.

  8. WOW, your room looks great, love the new color ��
    This makes me want to re-do my room!



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