Foiled Again :-)

Not again, really, for the first time. Kristina Werner created some beautiful designs and put them in her shop for sale, so I bought one of them and broke out my Minc Mini and the foil. I love how they turned out! Take a gander at these lovelies.

I printed the design with my laser printer on different colors of cardstock, ran them through the Minc and grinned from ear to ear when I removed the foil. My favorite is the blue one. I wish I had some silver cardstock, I think it would have looked beautiful on that. I wanted to do red foil on green cardstock, but all I had was textured Bazzill and I'm not sure that would have worked, even on the non-textured side.

Really quick and easy Christmas cards! I haven't tried stamping anything and foiling it, but that's coming up soon after seeing how well it works. Fun stuff!


  1. Beautiful!

    I still haven't fired up my laminator. One of these days ...

  2. I love these foiled cards. So festive! I'm going to have to get a Minc, aren't I? Enabler!


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